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Stainless steel elbow


  • Stainless steel elbow

Introduce:The elbow is a pipe fitting which changes the direction of the pipe. According to the angle, 45 ° 90 ° and 180 °are the most commonly used elbow. According to the production process it can be divided into: welding elbow, punched elbow, casting elbow, butt welding elbow and so on. According to its radius of curvature to points, it can be divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow. Long radius elbow refers to its curvature radius is equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the tube, that is R = 1.5D; short radius elbow is that its radius of curvature is equal to the outer diameter of the tube, that is, R = 1.0D. (D is the elbow diameter, R is the radius of curvature).

Nominal size:DN15-600mm 
Standard: ASME/ANSI, DIN, JIS BS,JB, SH, HG, such as ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME/ANSI B16.11, ASME/ANSI B16.28, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.3-1998, MSS SP-43, MSS SP-83, MSS SP-97, GB/T12459-2005,GB/T13401-2005, SH3408, SH3409, SH 3410, HG/T21635,DL/T695,SY/T0510, DIN2617
Material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti、0Cr18Ni9、00Cr19Ni10、00Cr17Ni14Mo2、301、310、304、 304L、18-8、321、316、316L、904L、2205、S31803、S32750等

Surface treatment: pickling, annealed, polished and sandblast finishing
Test: material quality, welding quality, level and verticality, non-destructive testing, water pressure test

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