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Why Choose SXMidas

   Shanxi Midas Industrial Co.,Ltd   is one group company which is leading designer,manufacturer and distributor of pipeline system connection, repair and flow control solutions in Shanxi,China.

The company is composed of nice factories and foundries and one company specialized in the export of products produced by the whole group.Our factories and foundries are:Two foundry for the Ductile Iron Pipes;one foundries for the Ductile iron pipe fittings,Flanged adaptors.Couplings and Dismantling joints;one foundry for the Manhole covers;one factory for the steel flanges;one factories for the valves;and two factories for the industrial and mechanical castings.

We use the latest high-tech machinery which is low consumption of material, high production, good quality and factory direct sale. Meanwhile, we maintain close communication and cooperation with several manufacturers. According to your requirements, we can screen out the products which can make your satisfied.

All the staffs at the product department have worked more than ten years for the company, and with full experiences on production process and products. Qc department is independent of the products division and led by general manager directly. To ensure each quality testing is in obedience to the rigorous responsible attitude. Each sales team of the sales department has a clear understanding on auto parts and auto parts market, which are able to provide the most professional services.

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Tel: 086-351-6814868

Fax: 086-351-8390339