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Description of DI Flange Fittings in China


Sep. 09, 2022

In addition to supplying many unique DI Flange Fittings, Solid offers a comprehensive line of standard a variety of kinds of service, such as water, sewer and atmosphere.

The majority of the Thread Flange supplied by Solid is fabricated based on the requirements of the standard. Such fittings within this segment are designated together with the heading"ANSI/AWWA C110/A21.10." The AWWA Fittings flanges have confronting and drilling that fit AWWA C115 threaded-on flanges (see Flanged Joint Pipe) and which additionally fit ANSI B16.1 course 125 flanges.

AWWA C110 flanges are sufficient to get a water working pressure of 250 psi with all the entire body of the fitting being appropriate for 150 or 250 psi as suggested. Sometimes, these fittings are provided for increased water working pressure software.

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Phone: 0086-13835148369

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